We know that the Zendesk Early Access Programme is a great way to trial new features and leverage everything available to users. Currently Zendesk offer early access opportunities across a wide number of areas including but not limited to Zendesk Support, Sell, Talk, Messaging and Guide

These provide the opportunity to trial new functionality currently being developed, such as Salesforce integration logging, macro content suggestions for Zendesk Support, a new dashboard builder in Zendesk Explore, Whatsapp for Zendesk Sell and Slack direct messages for Zendesk Messaging.

Click this link to find out more about the latest Early Access Programme opportunities.

This quarter, there were a couple of key EAP’s we felt were most significant to users:

Early Access Program (EAP) for the new email spam filter for Support. Zendesk are now exploring a new open source tool for spam prevention and building their own instance of a tool called Rspamd. Rspamd uses a number of factors to determine the legitimacy of emails, but because this will be Zendesk’s own separate instance, what’s really great is they’ll be able to tweak the results themselves. The Early Access Program is available now and is linked above.

Secondly, we at ZUG UK think it’s really interesting and exciting to see that there’s a new EAP around Macro content suggestions. As we’re sure you all know, Macros are really valuable when it comes to saving your agents time and delivering consistent support. With this new macro content suggestion EAP, you can get a better idea of which macros you should create and which will be most useful to your agents and your end users. 

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