Customer agents need to be empowered – only 27%*  currently have access to a full view of the customer and their previous interactions, which leaves a lot of room for improvement. 

Zendesk’s Sunshine platform can help by providing a customised hub where all customer data can be accessed and analysed, irrelevant of whatever siloed system it actually resides. 

This helps manage the flow of customer conversations and reduces complexity for agents, helping them work more efficiently by eliminating the need to bounce between systems, which also helps them do a better job of serving customers at scale. 

The Sunshine platform has been powering conversations in Zendesk for years and continues to be enhanced. Last year it facilitated over 4bn conversations across 20 channels, supported by a massive amount of data. It received over 1tn API calls, which helped provide the right content to make these conversations more natural and efficient. 

Here are the latest features to be introduced. 

Conversational data orchestration
Businesses have the flexibility to connect Zendesk to external systems with prebuilt middleware. This enables them to instantly take action on customer and business events across systems, automate workflows with custom business logic and start building quickly with developer learning tools and resources. 

Phishing prevention and malware scanning 
In today’s environment customer engagements must be layered with security, trust and safety. New phishing and malware scanning services have been integrated directly into Agent Workspace to protect agents from cyberattacks and keep customer conversations secure.

Users can now: 

  • Scan file attachments for potential malware. 
  • View prominent visual warnings for potential malware or phishing attempts in Agent Workspace. 
  • Automatically tag phishing attempts for easy reporting.   

Private ticket groups
Sunshine provides greater customer data privacy and more granular permissions than ever before.

Users can create private and public groups of agents so that they can collaborate securely. When a ticket is assigned to a private group, only agents who are members of that group will be able to see the ticket so sensitive information is kept confidential. 

With private ticket groups you can protect access to certain kinds of tickets without needing to change permissions. If you have multiple departments, you can allow unfettered access across the more public groups like Support, Returns and Billing but protect sensitive groups like Legal, HR and Security. 

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*Zendesk CX Trends 2022

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